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Dalam Head of Agreement, dijelaskan secara detil tahapan yang ditempuh agar Indonesia bisa memiliki saham mayoritas PTFI 51 persen. Salah satu tahapannya adalah pembayaran 3.85 miliar dollar AS oleh Inalum sebagai proses mencaplok saham 51 persen. The contract manager merupakan langkah pertama dari langkah-langkah perjanjian selanjutnya yang akan mengikat secara legal kepada pihak-pihak terkait. The reality is that an agreement of the heads of state or government could be binding or not. In general, however, the objective is that the contract is not binding on the “key conditions of a proposed agreement between the parties” but on issues such as “exclusivity, confidentiality, duty of care and intellectual property.” A duly drawn-up agreement is a non-binding document that sets out the main conditions for a proposed agreement between the parties. Mengutip Investopedia, Head of Agreement merupakan perjanjian dasar terkait kerja sama maupun transaksi. Head of Agreement dikenal pula dengan istilah heads of terms atau letter of lawsuit. A contract head document should only serve as an introductory agreement to the basic terms of a transaction or partnership. This is done during the pre-contract phase of the negotiations. An agreement will not be conceptually comprehensive enough to cover all the details necessary for a binding formal agreement.

But its lack of detail is also its strength; parties are less likely to find something they disagree on. Rini memastikan, mengenai struktur transaksi dan harga divestasi saham sudah dikunci sehingga tidak akan ada perubahan lagi. Adapun tahapan berikutnya adalah perjanjian joint venture untuk menegaskan bagian di PTFI, yaitu 51 persen Indonesia dan 49 persen Freeport. Heads of Agreements may be binding or non-binding depending on the language used, but are not universally binding. However, some aspects, such as intellectual property, exclusivity, confidentiality and non-invitations, are generally binding, even if the deadlines are reasonable. If a contract head document is written to be binding, it can be the result of problems. Perjanjian yang dimaksud adalah mengenai hak-hak operasi jangka panjang PTFI, yang diuraikan ke dalam empat poin. A head of the agreement can offer both parties in a transaction or partnership the following: Mengutip dari laman resmi PTFI,, disebutkan poin yang pertama adalah izin PTFI yang akan diubah dari Kontrak Karya (KK) formerly Izin Usaha Pertamgan Khusus (IUPK) dan seguskali memberika. Once both parties have reached a broad consensus on a partnership or transaction and have signed a contractual document, the next step is to involve lawyers and accountants to reduce the details.

These details may contain a number of preconditions that must be met before a final agreement is reached. The next step is the signing of a binding contract, although a contract change can be terminated at any time by both parties with some reservations. Since most aspects of an agreement are non-binding, there are few remedies for non-compliance by either party. They apply only to the legally binding conditions mentioned above. If one party objects to these binding conditions, the other party may seek an injunction, a declaration of appropriate damages, damages or a specified benefit. A Heads of Agreement is a non-binding document that outlines the fundamental conditions of an interim partnership agreement or transaction. An agreement, also known as a “reference terms” or “letter of commitment,” marks the first step towards a full legally binding agreement or contract and a directive on the roles and responsibilities of parties involved in a potential partnership before the development of binding documents.