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Notwithstanding the definition of “pension” used elsewhere in this Agreement, a reference in paragraphs 1 and 2 to a pension in respect of Australia is a pension, benefit or allowance to be paid in accordance with the laws which constitute the Australian Social Security Act as amended from time to time. 1. Disputes between the two Contracting States as to the interpretation or application of this Supplementary Convention shall be settled, as far as possible, by the competent authorities. 5. The liaison bodies referred to in paragraph 2 and the institutions referred to in paragraph 4 shall be responsible, within their respective areas of competence, for informing data subjects in general of their rights and obligations under this Agreement. 4. Where a person outside Australia is entitled to an Australian benefit under this Agreement, the amount of that benefit does not include any additional benefit or assistance, unless it is paid to a person outside Australia under the Australian Social Security Act. 3. If German legislation does not yet provide for this, the liaison body designated for the employees` pension insurance scheme shall be responsible under that scheme for all procedures, including the establishment and granting of benefits, provided that: (4) the benefits granted before the entry into force of this Agreement can be determined, at the request of the beneficiary, as corresponding to the provisions of this Agreement. .

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