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Tag Archives: Temple of Element Evil Board Game

We’re playing through the Temple of Element Evil board game. After a rocky start I think we’ve hit our rhythm. Owen’s character bought his way up to second level this week and we didn’t need to use any Surge Counters for healing. So far so good!

After finishing this week’s ToEE scenario, we played a couple games of 7 Wonders. We all love this game…even if we can’t deal out all of the cards (right Ben?) or manage to pass the cards the correct direction every time. (Yep, we’re the best of the best at this game.)

The first game was pretty close, with only 4 points between first and last place. The second game…not so close.

Our scores for the night:

7w_Score_G9_R1_2015-09-21 7w_Score_G9_R2_2015-09-21