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Savage Worlds Weird War Rome

GM: Chaosius Stevius
Decanus Lucius Flaccus (Mike Byrd)
Crixus Dotorus (Evil Mike)
Varicus Benus (Ben)
Tantus Oxium Dracuss (Owen)
Saverrio (Alex)

Session 6

Five days have passed since the battle at the old church. Although they have been following the Strigio’s trail, it hasn’t been all work and no play. At every village they have come upon they have spent time carousing and asking for the blessings of the gods. Basically spending their spoils with wild abandon.

On the fifth day they come to another village, but something unusual happens here. Almost immediately a boy grabs the hand Varicus and leads him through the village to a small house. Inside Varicus meets a women who bears the scars from being badly burnt at some time in her past. She tells him the boy is her son. Then she offers him a gift. A small wooden box. Varicus opens it and feels the sting of a needle prick his skin. The woman tells him he’s been poisoned.

At this point there is a long discussion concerning whether anyone really cares that Varicus has been poisoned.

The heroes discover that the Strigio threatened to kill the woman’s son unless she gave someone in the party the box. The Strigio also told her where the antidote is located—it’s at some old ruins about a day’s ride from the village.

At this point the heroes realize this is a trap. The point is brought up again about who really cares that Varicus has been poisoned. Some, Crixus, even wonders if Varicus has been poisoned at all since he has no ill effects.

In the end, the thought of driving back home after playing 20 minutes of the game wins them over and they head to the ruins.

It’s a trap!

The ruins turn out to be an ancient coliseum. The Strigio, Vaalko, is there surrounded by barbarians. He gets caught monologing and Crixus shots him with his bow. Vaalko leaves. But not before a giant demon worm erupts from ground attacking the heroes. Varicus antagonizes the watching barbarians by shooting an arrow at them. They attack. Varicus realizes his counterattack skill is useless with a bow. Swarms of vicious worms also gush from the ground. All of the non-wild card characters go down. (Later one will be revived as walking wounded, but is strangely missing from the next game.)

In the end, after a harrowing battle with the demon worm and the barbarians, the heroes grab the flowers needed for the antidote and hurry away from the ruins.

Another five days of travelling goes by and the heroes are fast approaching their goal. They should easily make it to the standing stones in time to stop the blood ritual planned there. Then they hear the sounds of battle. The cohorts of the Roman legion have caught up to Hasdrubal. Part of Hannibal’s army is there as well for they can see his gigantic beasts called elephants.

The only problem is that this battle is between them and their destination!

Session 7 – The Last Session!

The heroes form a plan. They will to race through the battlefield using stealth and guile. Once to the front of the battle where the elephants are, they will hijack one and use it to make their way to the standing stones.

Remarkably all the heroes make their Stealth rolls with most actually getting raises. This is amazing because many of the heroes have Stealth skills of d4. Once through the main battle they spy one of Hannibal’s elephants and head towards it. Killing a few Carthaginians along the way.

Crixus fires an arrow at the Carthaginian that’s controlling the elephant and kills him. Now we have an out-of-control elephant. Varicus breaks out his hook and rope and rushes to the elephant. All of the archers riding in the elephant’s platform fire at Varicus. He’s hit! Even wounded his throw is amazing and he nearly kills one of the soldiers on the platform with the hook. As it is, the hook is set and the rest of the heroes, with the exception of Tantus, head toward the elephant to climb up to the platform. Tantus has no Climb skill and cautiously kills Carthaginians until the elephant is under Roman control.

The battle atop the elephant is fierce, but in the end our heroes triumph. Tantus is hauled up to the platform by a rope tied around him.

On to the standing stones!

At the standing stones, the heroes find an Altar of Evil! (See: ALTAR OF EVIL 28mm Fantasy Scenery & Terrain.) Surrounding it are piles of bones, broken weapons and armor. Behind it, standing amongst some ruins, are the Strigio Vaalko, the Priestess Vaginus, and a couple barbarian guards. Crixus drives the elephant directly into the altar, destroying it. The battle begins in earnest.

The priestess summons up Furies from the piles of war debris. These harass the heroes throughout the entire battle. Most of the heroes gang up on Vaalko. Crixus uses his bow to get effect inflicting wounds wherever he aims. Saverrio goes head-to-head with the priestess. Several times she uses her magic to try to harm the noble hero. Each time failing. It is Saverrio’s sword that sends her to hell.

Meanwhile Decanus Lucius, Varicus, and Tantus all battle Vaalko, while feeling the wounds from the whirling Furies attacks. Crixus goes down under a fury’s unyielding assaults. He’ll live to fight another day though.

Vaalko is finally taken down by the cautious Tantus, whose killing blow brings the battle to an end.

Months after the battle they stand before Caesar himself and receive citations and honors. Will we hear from these noble heroes again? Will their swords once more be drawn against evil?

Probably not.

Roll credits.

Chaos Steve

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GM: Chaosius Stevius
Decanus Lucius Flaccus (Mike Byrd)
Crixus Dotorus (Evil Mike)
Varicus Benus (Ben)
Tantus Oxium Dracuss (Owen)
Saverrio (Alex)

After learning some information about their adversary, a Dacian Strigio named Valko, the heroes head off after him. (Pollis had secured for their contuberium a two week leave from their duties.) Valko had an eight hour head start, but our heroes were once again on horseback and with Tantus doing the tracking, it was only a matter of time before they would catch the Strigio.

Valko’s trail led to a small village. The heroes interrupt a funeral pyre. A young shepherd had died from having his throat ripped open. The heroes investigated (that is, tasted the ground around where the body was found) and knew it was the work of the Strigio. Instead of frightening the peasants with the truth, they left them thinking that this brave band of Romans were off to kill the beast that caused the death.

They picked up Valko’s trail outside the village and continued to track him. At dusk, Decanus Lucius called for a rest since they had been riding hard for the last 24 hours. They continued early the next morning.

The next afternoon found them following Valko’s trail right into another small village that was nestled in some foothills. The village peasants were suspicious of the Romans, but a few coins got our heroes talking to some old men in the Inn. A stranger had arrived last night. They learned that a man named Diego took the stranger to see the priest at the old church. Diego agreed, for a price, to take our heroes to the same church. They left the horses at the village and followed Diego to the church. Varicus drank some wine.

Apparently the church was rather far away. After two hours Tantus go suspicious and realized they had crossed the same stream at least twice. When Decanus Lucius confronted Diego, he suddenly flew into a rage and attacked him. Diego’s life ended quickly with a Roman Gladus thrust through his innards. Tantus found a trail, of sorts, and led the party on. Night had just fallen when the band heard a bell chime in the distance. Varicus climbed a tree. They followed the bell’s chime and found the church.

Not knowing what to expect they cautiously entered the ancient church. They were greeted by Father Ricardo. The heroes were very wary of the Father, who helped however he could. Varicus rested on a pew.

They discovered that Valko had studied one or two of the books in the church’s very small library. Then visited the sacred tree and left. Sacred tree? Decanus Lucius barely had time to read a few lines in the books Valko was interested in before everyone moved to see the sacred tree. What he did read disturbed him. The books talked of a “Crucible of Blood” and the dark rituals that could be performed with the red sap from the “black tree”.

Father Ricardo showed them all to the “garden” where sitting at its center was a black tree dripping with red sap. The tree’s roots wove through the ground. In those roots protruded white bones. The Father didn’t seem to notice and absently scratched the ear of the mammoth wolfhound beside him. Where did that hound come from!? That’s when Saverrio noticed the limbs and roots of the tree were moving. Varicus did his best impression of the Carthaginian retreat during the recent battle and hurried back into the church.

The battle was fierce. The black tree, now mobile, used is roots and limbs to constantly entangle any foes and then squeeze the life from them. The blood red sap turned out to be the instant super-glue of the roman era. Father Ricardo’s wolfhound also joined in. To make matters worse, robed figures entered through the garden gates chanting “Life for blood. Blood for life”.

It was Crixus who saved the day. He threw a burning torch (?) at the tree causing it to catch fire. Soon the tree was completely engulfed in flames. It howled and moaned…and then went silent. Father Ricardo was killed in the battle. The robes figures, those still alive, fled. The heroes noticed that the robed figures were peasants from the village.

In the aftermath, Decanus Lucius further studied the occults books and knew where the Dacian was heading. He also realized that in two weeks’ time a terrible ritual would be performed. One the heroes must stop.  The heroes then returned to the village. There they killed everyone and burnt the village to the ground. Only a single mother and child survived. Varicus had pity on them and spared them this horrible fate. The women and child would go on to found the horrific Cult of the Burning Flesh. But that’s another story.

Chaosius Stevius

GM: Chaosius Stevas Toddius
Decanus Lucius Flaccus (Mike Byrd)
Crixus Dotorus (Evil Mike)
Varicus Benus (Ben)
Tantus Oxium Dracuss (Owen)
Saverrio (Alex)

Evil Mike’s character, Galafanakis, died. He is replaced by Crixus Doctorus who is an arrogant, big mouth. The rest of the group keeps him around because he is also an archer and medici.

I never know who Alex’s character will be. He finally made his own character, Saverrio. He is a noble sort, heroic and loyal. The best Roman has to offer.

Our Legionaries have been captured by the Carthaginians on the eve of the great battle between the Romans and general Hasdrubal, Hannibal’s brother. They are stripped of their gear and tieed to posts awaiting the pleasure of the Carthaginians. Galafanakis is later taken and tortured. His screams are heard throughout the night, but no information does he give. Had they chosen Varicus instead, information would have flowed like water from a fountain…before any torture.

The next mornings, the Romans attack. Thanks to the leadership of Praefectus Castrorum Pennus (and Alex’s stellar dice rolling), the Romans decimate Hasdrubal’s army. As the army retreats, Carthaginians rush by our heroes in their haste to escape the Romans. A final group passes the heroes and the leader of the group orders a soldier to “Kill them.”

Most of the heroes have worked free of their bonds unbeknownst to the lone soldier approaching them. Unfortunately the Soldier gets the Joker for infinitive and strikes a killing blow to Crixus. He survives as most of the blow hits on his breastplate. Oxius rushes to his aid, but cannot strike the Carthaginian. Then Saverrio leaps up and lands a killing blow with his bare fist.

The legionaries are reunited with the Roman legion.

The legion splits. Most of the cohorts follow Hasdrubal. The rest split apart into groups of 1, 2, or 3 centuries and go about retaking the Hispania coast.

Three weeks have passed with our heroes seeing little fighting as most towns are easily retaken. A fort, previously held by the Romans, now stands to be reclaimed from the Carthaginians.

Prior to the battle, the heroes are visited by Pollis whom they saved at the towers weeks back. He thanks them and rewards them with stone medallions that will afford some protection against some of the horrors they may have to face in the future. Pollis leaves and Centurion Baculas arrives and gives the heroes a job. Before dawn they are to take the fort’s gates by stealth. When the trumpet sounds, they are to open it and let the Romans in.

The heroes work out a strategy and execute it. Strangely Varicus is the first over the wall and makes the first kill. This seems a little out of character for the slacker. The wall is taken, but the alarm sounds. They’ve been seen! Crixus finds a high spot to send arrows into the Carthaginians. Varicus and Saverrio form a shield wall to contain the foe. They’ll later be joined by Oxium after he finishes off the foes on the wall. Decanus Lucius (like any good leader) and the extras of the contuberium wait outside the gates.

Inside the fort, a shadow rises from the corner of a nearby building and enters the fight. This shadow becomes a Dacian warrior. Crixus fires a couple of arrows into the man, but he is not affected. This is another Strigoi! More Carthaginians heed the call to arms. Soon Varicus, Saverrio, and Oxium are fighting for their lives wondering if they’ll be able to open the gates at all. The Dacian Strigoi has joined the fight as well. Their shield wall holds.

Outside, one of the extras dies with a spear through his heart. “Why isn’t the gate opening!?” wonders Decanus Lucius. Then the Roman trumpet sounds. In just moments the attack will begin in earnest. The gates must be opened!

At the sound of the trumpet, the Dacian Strigoi breaks off from the fight. In Dacian he says, “Another time perhaps.” He sprints for the back of the fort. Crixus follows along the rooftops after him. Then the Dacian disappears.

The heroes inside finally get the gates open just as the rest of the Romans reach it. There are several dramatic Carthaginian deaths. (I think the heroes like an audience.)

In the aftermath, Crixus finds a hidden door in the wall of the fort that the Dacian used to escape.

The heroes interrogates the Carthaginian prisoners for information on the Dacian. They find he is looking for a Dacian bowl or pot from long ago. They also speak with Pollis, who gives each of them sacred weapons that will “harm those that cannot be harmed”. He also tells them of the Twilight Legion of which he belongs. He tells them to follow the Dacian Strigoi to find out what’s going on. He also fills in some information about Strigoi in general.

Chaosius Stevas

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2014-01-22 18.58.19


GM: Chaosius Stevas Toddius
Denacus Lucius Flaccus (Mike Byrd)
Galafanakis Leviticus (Evil Mike)
Varicus Benus (Ben)
Tantus Oxium Dracuss (Owen)
Barbatus (Alex)

Over the holidays I started a Weird Wars Rome campaign with the group. I’m not really big on running campaigns but I said I’d do it for the group and because someone (Evil Mike) wanted to play in it. Actually we sort of played our first game at Jimcon back in late fall. I’ll try to recap as much as I can remember. (This should be short.) Oh, and although I pulled some bits of history into the game, don’t look to learn any history lessons here. I make most of it up as I go along.

The group starts out as new recruits into the Roman legion stationed in Hispania. The legion’s primary mission is to hunt down and destroy the army of Hasdrubal (brother of Hannibal) who has been causing trouble there in Hispania. But our heroes’ first mission has nothing to do with that…


Something has stirred up the barbarians in northern Hispania. They’ve been attacking and pillaging villages in the area. A Rome of high standing has a villa right in the barbarian’s path. Our heroes’ orders are to escort the Roman’s family back to the safety of the legion. Along the way to the villa the come across a witch burning. Normally this would be of no concern, but the so-called witch looks like Selma Hayek. The heroes rescue the fair maiden. She immediately takes a liking to Galafanakis.

The heroes are later ambushed in the night by barbarians, but soon realize they are some kind of beastmen. They repel them after a tense battle in the fog shrouded woods. Once the battle is over they spot a strange man and a massive beast on a hilltop overlooking the ambush spot. The two disappear. The heroes also notice that the bodies of the beastmen they slew are also missing.

They make it to the villa and arrangements are already underway to leave, but will not be completed until morning. That night the villa is attacked by wolves lead by a massive beast that walks upright. Galafanakis is severely wounded during the battle. The beast is not vanquished, but retreats back into the night. It is then that the so-called which tells them of a legend where the beast can only be killed by silver weapons. The Roman’s silver is metaled down and weapons are coated in silver. The Roman threatens to have them all severely punished when they reach the legion.

In the morning the heroes are introduced to a slave girl—the Roman’s personal property. She looks strangely barbarian. The trip back the next morning turns into a life and death race as the beast leads a large number of beastmen in chase. The heroes’ manage to escape only to find themselves ready to be besieged on one side by hundreds of barbarians. In the nick of time the Roman legion shows up and it appears they will easily defeat the barbarians. But an eerie fog appears and through it the heroes can hear their Roman compatriots dying.

They spot the strange man they had seen on the hill the night of the ambush in the woods. He’s atop some old ruins and they instantly realize he’s a shaman of some kind. There is a battle with his guards, but this ends when the heroes realize that the cause of this may be the slave girl. On a hunch the offer the salve girl to the shaman. He agrees. The fog is lifted and the barbarians retreat. The day is saved. As for the great beast? Who would believe them?

The Twin Towers

After the success of their first mission, they are given a mission of grave importance. Hasdrubal’s army is camped in the valley of Pedraza. It can only be approached from the west, north, or south due to the desert on its south side. The Roman general plans to march across the desert and take Hasdrubal by surprise. But this means the towers built facing the desert must be taken quickly and without alerting the army in the valley. That is the task given to our heroes.

There’s a little trouble in the ranks. The heroes spent most of the morning digging latrines. Varicus was called away early. They later find him sleeping in the group’s tent. Varicus wakes up suddenly to some bruised ribs. (Note: the “Beastman” adventure began with Varicus being beaten for disobeying orders.)

The heroes suffer through a grueling ride through the desert to arrive at the towers at dawn. They find the Carthaginian soldiers there already dead and piled in a heap. The place is bathed in blood. In one of the towers they find a dying Roman centurion named Polis. They revive polis only long enough for him to tell them of a Dacian lord he was chasing before being foolishly captured by the Carthaginians. Polis hints that the man will not be easily killed and to hunt him by day. He even loans Galafanakis his sword which has been blessed by the gods.

The heroes find the Dacian Lord’s camp and attack. They easily slay his warriors, but the Dacian lord turns out to be a deadly opponent. Before it’s all over, Barbatus lies dead and Varicus is heavily wounded. They burn all of the bodies.

Scout Duty

The next morning the first of the Roman troops arrive. They report, leaving out the part about the Dacian lord. Polis is carried off to be cared for. Galafanakis keeps his sword.

The well-rested heroes are order to scout the area between the towers and the valley to be sure the arrival of the Romans goes unnoticed. They are to kill any Carthaginian’s they find. At mid-day they spot a supply train heading towards the towers. They set an ambush and attack.

The severely wounded Varicus makes a spectacular bow shot to kill a retreating Carthaginian driving a wagon. Unfortunately this is not enough to save the day. The heroes are overwhelmed by the sheer size of the force and by their leader who refuses to be wounded. The party surrenders and are taken prisoner.

The Battle for the Pedraza Valley

Hasdrubal has more troops, but the Romans have a slight terrain advantage. The Romans would have also had the element of surprise except for the capture of our heroes which ruined that. Also, our heroes are being held in the camp of Hasdrubal.

The battle begins. The Roman general uses his “Cry Havoc” edge right off and scores heavy losses to Hasdrubal’s army. Hasdrubal is less than effective. (This could be because I was rolling the dice for him. Alex was rolling for the Roman general and his dice were HOT.)

In the end the Romans win the battle. Hasdrubal’s army make an orderly retreat but has sustained heavy losses.

But what of our heroes? Well, we’ll find out about them next time.