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Hello, you’ve found the site that the Harrowed Halls Gaming folks use to keep track of all the gaming they do!

Harrowed Halls Gaming is Mike McNeal (Evil Mike), Steve Todd (Chaos Steve), Owen Harrison (Spawny), Ben Hodgson (Emissary Ben), Mike Byrd, Shawn Hurst (Sy), Lee Templeton (Logan), and Alex McNeal in Indiana.  Norm Hensley (boldfist), Allen Bohannon (tombthroat), David McGuire (grendel2175), and Tom Wisnewski (Count Zero) are our convention regulars.  Finally we have guest appearances by Tim Hannon (Loremaster), Bob Brett (bretbo), and Mathew Cutter (cutter) at many conventions as well.

Welcome to Harrowed Halls, we hope you enjoy the many tall tales and wild stories of good games well played.

*Note: Due to nasty Spam Subscribers, please contact Mike or Steve to get an account so you can add your own content!  Thanks!