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Category Archives: Savage Quests

Here is the summary of treasure from the VAST plundering of the cavern!

Potion [healing] (600)
Tome [puppet (Magic)] (2000)
Tome [stun (Magic)] (500)
Ring [light] Somebody has this…
Medium Shield [+2 improved dodge] – I don’t remember this ever coming up…
Container [danger sense] (2000)
Ring [healing] (4500) – Steve
Scabbard [tracking +1] (1000)
War Hammer [+2/+3] – Alex
Potion [boost spirit]
Scroll [bolt (Magic)] (300)
Dagger [+2/+2] (Mike B)
21,910 gp / 6 = 3,561gp

The townsfolk of Briar Ridge are clamoring for help in there battle against the Orc King!  Will our intrepid heroes answer their call!?

9/21 Game
Giant Centipede: $200, Warhammer (+2 dmg, $2240)
Event Spiders: $1800, Ring of Light ($2000 – Mike B.), Medium Shield (+2 Parry [imp. block], $2050 – E. Mike)

10/5 Game


Final Room:

$2,390 Gold

Lance (+3 fighting, +1 damage) worth $4,000

When return to the town, the townsfolk are very thankful, but are worried because it seems the cavern either was not completely cleared or there is another source of the creatures!

Gold: 8,080 : 2,020 each to buy stuff.  Mike B gets 10% more at stores stuff due to his Treasure hunter edge.

Ben: Medium Magic Shield [improved block]. Value 1025

E Mike: Chain hauberk [+1, intimidation, persuasion, stealth]. Average size

Owen: Potion of boost spirit [with raise]. Value 675