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Category Archives: Blood Veil

The Dwarves

Herheth Frostshaper – Shawn
Fuvuli Cragjaw – Lee
Grufac Wraithgut – Thomas (Templeton)
Broulad Nightbringer – Ben (Templeton)
Grurhol Bluntshield – Not present

“Come young Undwar”, said the ancient dwarf. “Let me tell you the story of how Grong Karag was restored to the dwarves. It is a tale of caution and courage, of bravery and cowardice.”

“But first, how did we lose Grong Karag, you may ask. Well that is a story of avarice and vainglory. Thousands of years ago, the grand King Tanorm Moonheart, ruled over the most successful generation of dwarves in history. They were so industrious that it was said there was nothing the earth could hide from them.

King Moonheart, bragged far and wide of his dwarves’ skills. The Elves warned him of the dangers of tunneling too deep. That there are dark, evil, things deep in the earth. But King Moonheart was obsessed with digging deeper and deeper. Until he entered a demonic domain.

Once awakened, the demon Ashtaroth called upon his powers to pervert natural creatures and use them to attack the dwarves. Some say he even animated the bones of the dead to aid in the battle. King Moonheart and fully three quarters of the dwarven inhabitants perished.

Centuries later, a small group of dwarves decided to enter the halls of Grong Karag, to see what was left of their heritage and thus started the Battle for Grong Karag!”

The four young dwarves entered The Golden Anvil per their usual practice. Whilst looking for a table, they overhear that a patron in the corner is looking to engage a party for some secret mission. Fuvuli also hears stories of some strange disease that has infected some humans in one of their towns. The humans have been killing off the infected. A wise precaution Fuvoli thinks.

The strange man in the corner offers them each a chance to hold a jewel. Three of the dwarves do not notice anything special, but when Herheth touches the jewel, it speaks to him! The jewel says it’s name is Ataraxia and it tells the story of how it was once embedded in King Moonheart’s famed magical battle axe. It says that the King yet lives along with a thousand of his warriors, trapped deep beneath the deserted dwarven city. Ataraxia says it can feel that Herheth and his cohorts are exactly the right group to reach the King and release him.

The dwarves quickly agree and start out that day for the city. They find the entrance where the words “Only ye of dwarven blood may enter” on the door, which also has a face carved into it. After some unsuccessful attempts (including tripping a secret trap that informs all in the city that there are visitors at the door), Broulad suggests they put a hand in the door’s mouth, which he bravely does. And gets bit! The door, then speaks, “Ah yes, dwarven blood! You may enter!” At which point, the door releases Broulad’s hand and swings open.

The dwarves then see a statue of King Moonheart in the entry room and they notice right away that he is carrying an axe and the likeness of Ataraxia, is clearly visible in the carving.

In the next room, they are set upon by giant toads in the grand hall! Following that, they are attacked by spiders in the throne room! After choosing a door from the throne room with Ataraxia’s help, they are set upon by a large Cyclopean skeleton that raises some other skeletons from the bones around them. Meanwhile, Ataraxia warns them that water is filling the dungeon behind them. They kill off the skeletons just in time to get down the stairs to the next level as the water pours through the spiraling stairwell hole to land deep, deep in the inky darkness!