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Cast of Characters

The Heroes

Boss Fade: Mike Byrd
Emo: Steve Todd
Jan Janson: Ben Hodgson
Nolan Brilliant: Alex McNeal
Trigger: Owen Harrison

Important NPCs

Col. Jaegar: JC701 Commander
Fang: Smuggler Extraordinaire and Owner of Fangtasia
Tennor Blackfinch: Leader of the Orion Pirates
Commander Harkness: Leader of the Keshig Pirates

JC701: Season 4: Fang’s Regret

Our heroes return to JC701 in time to help prepare for the Keshig Pirate attack. The JumpCorp fleet arrives and the station is upgraded to provide significant additional defenses.

The Pirates surround the station and all hell breaks loose! It’s the JumpCorp Fleet vs the Keshig Pirate Fleet. The plan is simple, send Jan Janson out in a ship to cause confusion and jam up the Pirate communications with his jibbering nonsense, provide a soft middle for the Pirates to attack, then hit them hard from the sides.

At first all seemed to be working ok (well JumpCorp lost 2 to 1), but then the Keshig Commander (Command Hollings) absolutely crushed the Jump Corp Fleet taking out 2 more and not giving up any on the Keshig side. The JumpCorp fleet decided a strategic retreat abandoning the station and reinforcing their stand in the next system was better.

Meanwhile Jaeger sent the heroes on a desperate mission to use the Hypergate to go to the Keshig Pirates core system and find something to help JumpCorp defeat this vast enemy!

The crew managed to break through enemy lines and after shooting down one of the chasing fighters, they escaped the other two and made it through the Hypergate.

Now in the Keshig pirates core system, they managed to avoid detection as the pirates weren’t expecting any enemies to be able to use the gates, and JCS Opportunity was able to land on one of the planets that was least populated, near a station where they hope to be able to tap into the Keshig Pirate network and gain some intelligence useful to JumpCorp.

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