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Category Archives: DLN – Hunt for Maggie Brown

Cast of Characters

  • Jimmy Bain Jimmy Bain– Private Dick and former boyfriend of Maggie (Tom)
  • Maxie Brown Maxie Brown - Steve– Maggie’s ne’er-do-well black sheep brother (Chaos Steve)
  • Andy Delgado Andy Delgado - Norm– Wealthy philanthropist described as Little orphan Annie meets Harry Conick Jr., in “puppy love” with Maggie (Norm “No Relation” Hensley)
  • Guy Noir (not his real name) Guy– Maggie’s bodyguard, with a very strange demeanor (Lee)
  • Theseus the Fearless  Theseus– Stage magician extraordinaire and sometime employer of Maggie (Shawn)
  • Effie Wiggins Effie Wiggins– Delusional street urchin who witnessed Maggie’s abduction (Deb)

After reading about Maggie in the Times-Picayune, each of the gentlemen and lady decided to write in and offer their services to help find Maggie. Emmett went through all the responses and picked out six people who seemed to have the best information. He was personally aware of all but Effie and so he felt with the combined skills, that this group could do the job. He invited them all to his house where he introduced them all.

The palookas all spent time feeling each other out (failed attempts at picking pockets and some successful attempts at lifting items from Emmett’s house) and they decided that based on something Theseus saw during his show, they should investigate the Angel’s Rest to see if they could find a note that Maggie dropped on the night she disappeared.

Before leaving the mansion, Jimmy and Andy searched Maggie’s bedroom and did a much better job than the cops did. In a secret compartment in the floorboards they discovered a ledger with encrypted entries.

At the Angel’s Rest, Theseus was able to get them entrance as Angel trusts him and she also wanted to see Maggie found. While Effie searched through the trash dumpsters in the alley, the rest went inside to look for clues. Guy turned out to be the most observant and found the crumpled up note to Maggie in a corner of the floor near where she was sitting. The note said: “Miss Brown, I’m tired of your temporizing. Deliver what I want before sunrise or no one in your family will be spared!” It was signed ” – X.C.”

Just then the front and back doors burst open and a Mr. Thompson and six goons walk in and start asking questions about what our heroes saw. Nobody was interested in talking so things turned violent fast. It was not looking good for the heroes as Guy took two wounds, Jimmy was put down, and Andy was put in his place hard with two wounds of his own! Maxie really showed some moxie by throwing some very wicked dice and pouring some strong spirits down the right throats. Theseus used his skills to not only swipe a heater but to use it in the right way and even Effie got her licks in by gluing a dude right to his spot.

Unfortunately Mr. Thompson got away and the interrogation of the surviving goons did not go well. With the cops on the way, Angel said she would explain that these guys busted in so our heroes (who may not always be on the same side as the law) beat feet back to the Brown mansion to go over what they found and plan their next steps!