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Worf – Wookie (Lee)
Elderkin Something – Padawan (Steve) (Absent this month)
Sy (Orion) Kentaurus – Padawan (Shawn)
James Border (Bond) – Padawan (Alex)
R4-GMM – R4 droid (Grace)
Obi-Wan – Padawan (Ben)

This Month (supposedly): The resolution of the meeting with Dubu and Lightsabers will be constructed!

So our intrepid Star travelers cleaned up the monastery and took the scientist (Madicus Rex) as prisoner. The Padawans discovered that the crystals they found were of poor quality and would not last long if used in Lightsabers.

Their Jedi Masters then tried to complete negotiations with Dubu the Hutt. But as usual, negotiations with the Hutts are not easy. The Hutts required additional payments be made to them by the Empire in order to sign the treaty with the Empire.

While the negotiations were going on, the Padawans did some interrogating of Madicus Rex. Eventually they discovered that Darth Tyranus is prepared to slaughter his entire family in order to keep his experiments with The Force secret. So the Jedi agreed to rescue Madicus’ family in exchange for the location of a planet with crystals that can be used for making Lightsabers.

The Jedi Masters needed to head back to the Jedi Council in order to work out the deal with the Empire and the Hutts. They agreed to let the Padawans decide what the best course of action for them would be. They could either come back to the Jedi Council or go searching for crystals. The Padawans chose crystals.

Since they had no ship, they decided to take the one that the Confederates were using and that Madicus had access to. Their plan was to have Madicus claim that he needed to get something off of the ship and that he had brought the rest of these people as bearers. However, when asked for identification code, Madicus found that his code was no longer any good and a firefight broke out. They were attacked from the rear by a group of mercenaries that they recognized from Dubu’s throne room. They seemed to be led by an Empire ambassador.  After a couple of crippling attacks on the Padawans, they were able to get aboard the ship. The guards then dropped their weapons and backed away to let them leave when Obi-Wan (Ben) shot the unarmed guard and killed him!  He drew 3 corruption cards! I suspect he will be the first to succumb to the Dark Side.

The Padawans sent a message to the Jedi Council that there may be an Empire traitor in their midst. Then R4 made a critical failure on her Navigation roll (again). They wound up at the wrong planet; however, all believe they were on the right planet to find the crystals.  What they found was a large angry creature and a cave full of guano covered crystals of very poor quality. After Worf took the creature down with just one shot, James Border critically failed his roll in the guano cave and was made very sick.

Next Month: Lightsabers will be constructed?  I’m not holding my breath on that.  :)

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