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Last night Ben, Owen, Mike Byrd, and I played another game of Railways of the Western US. This is a tough map with lots of mountains. The mountains make building track very expensive. Mike shot out to an early lead and we thought we’d never catch him. We were wrong.

Just before the last turn, I earn 12 points by completing the Golden-Something-Or-Other route of Omaha to San Francisco. You’d think this would surely win me the game? No, it didn’t. I came in third. On the last round, Ben earned 7 points on each of his three actions! You’d think that this would surely win him the game. No, it didn’t. He came in second.

First place went to Owen who won the game without talking a single share of stock! What a monumental railroading feat in and of itself! But on this board as well? Truly remarkable! Well done Owen!

(I am humbled to have shared in Owen’s victory by delivering the cube that earned Owen his first point of the game. He had a hotel at the location. Truly an amazing achievement Owen! I’m glad I was part of it.) J

Chaos Steve


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