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Crew (PCs)

Skipper – Shane Hensley
Rico – Norm Hensley
Patch – Steve Todd
Kowalski – Al Bohannon

Others (NPCs)

Colonel Jaeger (Kalian), Charter Head for Space Station JC701
Tovrin Cable (Human), President of the Omicron Colonies
Dr. Steven Ward (Human), JC701 Chief Medical Officer
Zhi Fang (Tazanian), Head of JC701 Merchants Association, Owner of Fangtasia
Dominic Newland (Serran), Prophet of the Techno-God
Martain Capella (Rigellian), Ambassador of the Rigellian Empire
Tennor Blackfinch (Saurian), Oneiades Pirate and Spaceport Owner

The Bodyguard Brigade finally makes it to JC-701, only to find it filled with Pilgrims of the Holy Unifying Binary (HUB) church. The rumor going round with the Pilgrims is that “Binary Eden”, a planet where they can find pure peace with technology, is somewhere in this quadrant. The skeptical station crew call them “CHUBs”, putting Church in front of the acronym.

Col. Jaeger calls them into a meeting to discuss their next assignment. The Holy Binary, Dominic Newland, joins them to give them some special technology developed by the church that should help them if needed. He also states that the rumor of Binary Eden is not supported by the church but despite his efforts, it persists.

Col. Jaeger then brings Martain Capella in who explains that his high council has called him to a meeting on Rigel Hive V. Col. Jaeger has assigned the Bodyguard Brigade to transport the Ambassador and bring him back.

The Brigade makes the trip no problem, but while waiting on the station, they overhear some Rigellians talking about “Eden”, “Pilgrims” and “Gullible”. Thinking the worst, Skipper and Rico attack them. Soon after, Martain announces that he’s under attack near the ship and that they need to leave immediately.

After leaving the station, Martain explains that Eden is just a ruse by some Rigellian slavers to lure unsuspecting Pilgrims to their slavery. But before they can contact or return to the station, stowaway Pilgrims gas the crew and take the ship to “Eden”.

The crew wakes up and contact JC-701. Col. Jaeger tells them to protect the Pilgrims and sends the JCS Opportunity to help them out, but it will be 6-10 hours before they arrive. The Brigade enters the temple, discover hiding Rigellians, then take the elevator down to the brood chamber where they find a Rigellian torturing the daughter of the JumpCorp CEO.

Rescue attempts begin, then large Bone Spiders arrive, quickly followed by a Bone Spider Queen! After frantic fighting, the daughter is saved, all the Rigellians and spiders are killed and JCS Opportunity arrives to help transport the Pilgrims back to JC-701.

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