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Worf – Wookie (Lee)
Elderkin Something – Padawan (Steve) (Absent this month)
Sy (Orion) Kentaurus – Padawan (Shawn)
James Border (Bond) – Padawan (Alex)
R4-GMM – R4 droid (Grace)
Obi-Wan – Padawan (Ben)

Our intrepid Star Travellers started the game by realizing they could not possibly be on the right planet.  So they re-checked their Navigation charts and R4 realized her error.  Soon they were docking on the correct planet and visiting the local establishments looking for a guide to take them up the trails to the volcano.  Elderkin remained aboard the ship with their prisoner Madicus Rex (as usual).

After finding a guide, they started for the volcano.  The trip was long and while they were resting their guide scouted ahead to make sure the trail was clear.  While he was gone, a band of Confederate goons attacked them!  It was a bloody battle!  The Padawans took heavy wounds, but soon managed to take out the Confederate attackers.  Assuming the guide had planned this trap for them, they decided to go forward and see if they could find the path to the volcano on their own.  About an hour later they find the body of the guide and his speeder bike wrecked in the woods.

Later, as the Padawans get close to the volcano, they spot a path leading to some caves.  They explore the caves and discover a hoard of crystals being guarded by a small squad of droids.  Even in their wounded conditions they were able to dispatch the droids and take the crystals with them back to the ship.

All the Padawans were able to make Lightsabers, as they travelled back to the Jedi Council to report what they found.  While at the council, they discovered that R4 has a glitch caused by some special hardware and software that is intricate to her systems.  They find that a Jedi droid maker named Cylon Brazier created R4-GMM.  The Padawans have decided to visit one of the few people who knew Cylon well…his Jedi Master and expert droid builder, Polo Muerde.


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