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Crew (PCs)

Pilot: Trigger (Owen – Serran)
Science Officer and Second in Command of JC701: Emo (Steve – Deader)
Medical Officer: Ssanjan “Sam” (Ben – Saurian)
Engineer: Nolan Brilliant (Alex – Human) – Not appearing
New Security Officer: Boss Fayde (Mike B – Human)

Prologue: The Razor

Nolan fades in and out of consciousness. The last 24 hours are just a blur in his mind. He left with a group of pilgrims to find out what the Rigellians were up to on Amasses IV. They were attacked…or did they start the attack? Either way, he was knocked unconscious.

Just then, two Rigellians grab him and another pilgrim…Jonathon maybe? They take them nearby room and strap them to chairs. In their click clack language they ask a question, and almost before the translator finishes, a large claw swings out and strikes Nolan’s head. “Who is the One? What planet is he on?” Jonathon cries out, “I don’t know. I only know he’s from a highly advanced and electronic paradise!” Then it goes dark again.

Scene 1: The Opportunity

Incoming message from Colonel Jaeger:

“JCS Opportunity crew, it is with great regret that I must inform you of a catastrophic accident on Amassus IV, a Rigellian planet near your current location. The accident resulted in the deaths of all Rigellians, around thirty pilgrims, and four of JumpCorp’s best personnel, Captain Hugh Jass, Private Kaz, retiree “The Baron”, and our only Rigellian JumpCorp officer, Bugsy. According to sources, Bugsy sacrificed himself to save the planet, but unfortunately failed. As you can imagine, details are sketchy.

Although I’m sure you are all stunned and grieving at this news, I have another urgent assignment for you before you return to the station for disciplinary action. Our very own Nathan Brilliant was among the pilgrims detained prior to the explosion of Amassus IV. He was being held aboard the Razor, a Rigellian ship commanded by Captain Steveador van Bugsberg, a member of the Rigellian Alliance. While en route to JC-701 to turn over the detainees, the Razor was attacked and boarded by Rigellian Coalition forces.

It is urgent that Captain van Bugsberg, his crew, any pilgrims and our own Nathan Brilliant be rescued. Per our revised treaty with the Rigellians, any force necessary against Rigellian Coalition forces to rescue JumpCorp citizens is sanctioned. Any Alliance forces should be treated with respect and courtesy as they were acting in good faith to rescue our people. Emo, I’m giving you and your people wide latitude here. It is urgent that Nathan Brilliant be returned. Jaeger out.”

The crew scanned the system and found the location of The Razor and headed for it, making it in three hours.

Scene 2: The Razor

Captain Van Bugsberg is in the cell next to Nathan. A service bot comes in to drop off food and drink to the prisoners. “If only I had access to my service crew, I could reprogram that VI robot to slow this ship down and give us some time to take back my ship.”

Nolan figured even in his weakened state, he could probably disable the damaged robot, and successfully took it down. He then reprogrammed it to shut down the engines of The Razor.

Scene 3: The Opportunity

The Opportunity caught up to the disabled Razor and immediately targeted their weapon systems and took them offline. The Razor was already heavily damaged from the initial attack by the Coalition forces. The crew then bypassed the external air lock doors where Sam was immediately blasted by an automated gun turret. The Coalition Rigellians and the Opportunity crew fought it out with guns blazing while Nolan had the service bot release him and some of the Pilgrims, along with Capt. Van Bugsberg where they took over the security area.

Sam dropped a frag grenade (heroically?) and took out two Rigellians, the automated gun, half the internal decking and almost took himself out too! The Coalition captain tried to kill Bugsberg and failed, then Sam offered him surrender in another language, which the translator communicated to the Coalition captain. The captain accepted the surrender, and Sam then shot him. The captain didn’t die, however, and instead determined that his only choice was to fight to the death and so tragically, he did so. No valuable intelligence would be gathered from that key Coalition resource.

Once all the fighting was over, Van Bugsberg asked to be patched through to the Rigellian ambassador back on JC701, but the ambassador was actually on the Opportunity. He did not want Van Bugsberg to know he was there, though, so Nolan rigged communications to look like it was coming from the station. Unfortunately, it was patently obvious that it was coming from the Opportunity and Van Bugsberg demanded a face to face with the ambassador.

Van Bugsberg essentially accused the ambassador with being involved in his nephew’s death (which the ambassador denied) and said he’d be looking into the situation and if he found the ambassador was involved, would do everything in his power to make him pay for it.

The Razor and The Opportunity then flew off together to JC-701 for repairs on The Razor and the “Trial of the Century”.

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