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Gabriela Al-Alaq (Ghoul) – Evil Mike
Rizzo (Ratling) – Mike Byrd
Salim Durka-Durka (Kleshite) – Ben
Tarik (Human from Lankhmar) – Owen

Game 4 (15 XP) – Death to Zanzibar

I forgot to write up what happened, but I do remember there was a clever plan from Gabriela to kill Zanzibar in a graveyard in a Pirate town called Safe Harbor. It worked!

Game 5 (20 XP) – We flee…a lot.

Pirate’s Guild states Gabriela can join the Pirate’s council after a month on probation, proving her worth.

We took Zanzibar’s ship “The Antiqam” (“revenge” in Arabic) back to Lankhmar and were set upon by the Black Opal and 3 other ships. Rather than fight it out at 4 to 1 odds, we fled and just escaped into darkness and fog among some islands.

After slipping away, Captain Gabriela The Red (as she is now wearing Zanzibar’s iconic red cloak and hat) was attacked by a crew member looking to move up in the ranks. Her loyal friends defended her with Rizzo giving the killing stroke with a formidable magical bolt! Gabriela hung the slain man from the yard arm for all to see what happens to those who oppose her!

After getting back to Lankhmar, we find out our house was taken over by Hringorl. Later we “learned” (from a critical failure at streetwise) that Hringorl has women enslaved, ghouls bound in his basement, he’s a cannibal, and he’s killed his mother. So we decide this villain must go!  And we want our house back!

Sneaking into the mansion (the fool had not had time to change the locks so our keys worked perfectly), Durka-Durka failed his stealth roll. Should he Benny it? He decides no. Idiot. On cue, when he goes into the hallway, the guards are waiting for him!

Gabriela discovers the courtyard is filled with an 8′ giant, 2 ghouls, a rattling, and a couple of guards.  While fighting the 8′ giant, our damage was pathetic! We had all 1’s or majority 1’s on every attack. Every single time! Everyone moved No Mercy up on their list of advancements.

The Rattling in the courtyard turned out to be a mighty mage! She nearly killed Gabriella with a devastating attack on the door in front of her.

Durka-Durka was incapacitated by the Giant and the rest of us all ran away abandoning the fool that would not spend a Benny on a stealth roll. It was our first rousing defeat, and with careful planning for our revenge, it will be the LAST!

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