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Hugh Jass – Human Captain – Alex
Bugsy – Rigellian JumpCorp Pilot – Steve
Kaz – Saurian Security Officer (actually a Pirate trying to go straight) – Dave
The Baron – Human Science Officer coming out of retirement – Norm

The backup officers on JC-701 are pulled into a meeting with Col Jaeger who is discussing an issue with the Holy Binary Dominic Newland. The Binary explains that an extremist faction of Pilgrims that have been attacking into Rigellian space have bitten off more than they can handle. The Rigellian Ambassador explains that he has pulled all the Alliance people off the planet, but coalition forces have remained and will likely resist the Pilgrims. Col Jaeger orders the crew to retrieve the pilgrims and only engage the coalition forces of Rigellia.

“Bugsy” flew the vessel on the scenic route to Amassus IV where they find a fight in progress near the planet. Captain Jass convinces the Rigellian captain, Steveodore Von Bugsberg (a distant relative of Bugsy), to leave the area. As soon as they do, the pilgrims land on the planet despite the Captain’s orders to stand down and surrender. The crew follows them to the surface where they find several wrecked ships.

“Bugsy” and Kaz head over to disable the pilgrim’s ship. That doesn’t go well. The pilgrims blast “Bugsy” for being Rigellian as Kaz attempts to get them to surrender. Kaz blasts a couple pilgrims and takes two pilots prisoner. Captain Jass and Baron join them to search the vessel. Kaz finds the pilgrims’ documents with their conclusions based on circumstantial evidence that the Rigellians are doing something nefarious on Amassus IV. Apparently, there is an underground facility on the planet that has more to it than meets the eye.

Captain Jass leads the team to the facility to check things out. They find pilgrims and Rigellians locked in another battle. After blasting a few Rigellians and take the pilgrims prisoner, the Baron discovers a secret entrance to a subterranean chamber. Down in the chamber, they discover a Rigellian hatchery.

Flashback: Unbeknownst to the rest of the team, the Rigellian Ambassador contacts “Bugsy” and tells him that the planet they are going to is a Rigellian hatchery that has been disguised as a refining planet. “As you know, our particular mode of reproducing can be disturbing to the races that we use as hosts for the larvae. Even though we no longer use JumpCorp citizens as hosts, the images of humanoids and other sentient beings hosting larvae will not make peace with JumpCorp easy. Since you, as I, are highly vested in peace with our neighbors, I need you to find the device I left in your quarters. If, and only if, your crew happens to find the hatchery, you need to use the device to erase their minds. It’s the only way to ensure peace.”

Current Time: The hatchery guards tell Captain Jass that if he and the crew leave now they will not be harmed, but if they attempt to continue into the hatchery, they guards will resist to the end. Bugsy also tells the crew that there is no reason to stay here, after all they’ve got the pilgrims, which is what they were after. Kaz is in agreement, but Captain Jass and the Baron insist on pushing in and just as a fight is about to erupt, “Bugsy” pushes the button. The planet goes into lockdown and the Ambassador’s voice comes over the device, “I’m sorry Bugsy, there is no such thing as a device that can erase minds. You will be honored by Rigellians everywhere for your sacrifice.” And the planet explodes as the reactor goes critical.

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