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Worf – Wookie (Lee)
Elderkin Something – Padawan (Steve)
Sy (Orion) Kentaurus – Padawan (Shawn)
James Bonder – Padawan (Alex)
R4-GMM – R4 droid (Grace)
Obi-Wan – Padawan (Ben)

The Padawans made plans with their Jedi Masters regarding the information they had learned about R4 and decided to meet with Polo Muerde, a Mon Calamari Jedi Master. After a brief inter-system discussion Polo invited them to his droid building and training facility on a nearby planet. The Padawans arrived with no difficulty and landed at the space port. Polo’s facility was easy to find but when they arrived, the doors were open but no lights were on and apparently no one was home.

Polo’s quarters were at the back of the facility and they had to travel through the training facility to get there. James decided to check out one of the observation booths and as as the Padawan’s were going through the facility he spotted a body on the floor. Elderkin was first on the scene and administered first aid, but he was too late. The body was Polo and he was gasping his last breath as they all looked on…”It’s a trap!” Just then all the doors in the training facility slammed shut and droids lined up in Polo’s quarters as 3 Reborns (undead Sith) lined up at the entrance.

Worf bravely stood in front of the doors to Polo’s chambers, ready to pounce as soon as the doors opened. James engaged the Reborn from his position in the observation booth. Elderkin dove for cover as Sy and R4 tried to open one of the side doors. The droids opened the door and came charging in blasters blazing! Worf miraculously took only 1 wound and then engaged two of the deadliest droids in combat. He also took three droids out with a grenade. But it was to be his last stand as the two deadly droids chopped him to bits.

James had taken out two of the Reborns but the third entered the arena as someone announced over the loudspeaker, “give us the R4 and you will be spared”. Our brave Padawans were not about to give up on their flawed R4 unit and Elderkin used the force to obscure Sy and the R4 unit. Elderkin, Sy and Obi-Wan went into full fight mode and cleared out the remaining droids while James took care of the rest of the Reborns. Unfortunately, too late they saw a Sith Lady clearing out the records from Polo’s chambers and destroying his computers. She made a quick getaway while the Padawan’s were busy.

As the Padawan’s sifted through the wreckage in Polo’s quarters they found evidence that Polo had been using an off site backup service so there is still a chance his computer files can be recovered. Additionally the Sith Lady was in such a hurry she did not notice that a piece of paper slipped fell out of her hands. The paper mentioned other Muerde family members.

The Padawans informed the Jedi council about what had happened. The council told them to return Worf’s body to them for a proper Wookie funeral. Many Jedi were saddened this day, by the falling of a dear friend, boon companion and fearless ally.

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