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Alex typed this up for me. I thought I would share it.


born on tattowine the young james bonder hated his life there parents owed money and he dided have many freinds at the age of three he stowed away on the ship that anaikin skywalker was on when he was to become a jedi he sliped off at courosunt and he found him himself in the presence of pythos urganice he sensed a great matter  of the force in him so he went with him to the jedi council and he was to be trained

5 years has past and james sensed that his family has been in trouble he told his master and they flown to tatowine they found there dead body as james about burst with fury pythos said fear leads to anger anger leads to hate hate leads to suffering as james takes a deep breath and says ill never go to dark side but ill always love these people i wonder who or what  killed them he said

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