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JC701: Season 4: Fang’s Regret

Bodyguard Brigade on patrol along the Orion Pirate sector, got a distress beacon from a JumpCorp transponder, but not sending an identifying code from a ship or person. The signal was coming from an area normally associated with Trevor Blackfinch. They go to investigate and are attacked by 2 fighters. They destroy one, and the other runs off but not before sending out a signal.

They scan the planet and see a dropship and signs of wreckage. They go down and are warned off by the dropship. They determine it belongs to a relatively unknown pirate faction from the other side of the sector. Very strange for it to be here. They fly off and then approach stealthily from the other side of the planet, landing the ship just outside sensor range and hike in from there.

They engage the pirates in a shootout, taking down most pretty quickly before a pirate in a Powered Armor Suit (something they’ve never seen before) comes out. Also, some pirates get about the dropship and start shooting them. Eventually they take out the guy in the armor and the dropship leaves.

They find the wreckage belongs to a cat people craft and there is a message on a coded line from Fang to Emo and the JC701 crew…he’s calling in his favors, he wants them to come rescue him from these new pirates!

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