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JC701: Season 4: Fang’s Regret

Cast of Characters

The Heroes

Boss Fade: Mike Byrd
Emo: Steve Todd
Jan Janson: Ben Hodgson
Nolan Brilliant: Alex McNeal
Trigger: Owen Harrison

Important NPCs

Col. Jaegar: JC701 Commander
Fang: Smuggler Extraordinaire and Owner of Fangtasia
Tennor Blackfinch: Leader of the Orion Pirates
Commander Harkness: Leader of the Keshig Pirates

After the events in the prologue, our intrepid heroes (Boss Fade, Emo, Jan Janson, Nolan Brilliant and Trigger) mobilize to find out what happened to Fang. After much investigation (now Research) and Streetwise (now Networking) the team discovers that Fang’s right hand woman, Cynthia, betrayed his scheme to trade some high tech device to the Orion Pirates to some unknown person. This person left the station. Soon after, Fang left as well, leaving Cynthia in charge of Fangtasia while he supposedly returned home.

The heroes know that Fang was found on a planet just inside one of the Orion Pirates’ controlled systems and that Fang was dealing with the pirates so they decided to pay Tennor Blackfinch a call….that’s when things went pear shaped.

When they got to Tennor’s station they noticed all systems were down and there were only a few life signs detected. They docked and began searching the station, and soon discovered many dead pirates…and two men in some kind of Power Armor. Technology not seen in JumpCorp space before!

After a long battle with the two strangers, the team was able to capture a relatively undamaged suit of Power Armor to send back to JumpCorp R&D. They also found a near death Tennor Blackfinch. Determining that his injuries were beyond the skills of Jan Jansen and the limited med bay aboard their ship, they left for the nearest system with a hospital at fastest speed.

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