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JC701: Season 4: Fang’s Regret

Cast of Characters

The Heroes

Boss Fade: Mike Byrd
Emo: Steve Todd
Jan Janson: Ben Hodgson
Nolan Brilliant: Alex McNeal
Trigger: Owen Harrison

Important NPCs

Col. Jaegar: JC701 Commander
Fang: Smuggler Extraordinaire and Owner of Fangtasia
Tennor Blackfinch: Leader of the Orion Pirates
Commander Harkness: Leader of the Keshig Pirates

Our heroes arrive in the Lummoits system, the closest JumpCorp system with a hospital, relative to Tennor’s space station. They burn a ton of extra fuel to get there, but they arrive in time to get him to the facility.

While at the port facility, all seems to be going well for Trigger, Nolan, and Emo, until Nolan notices that the station techs who are preparing to refuel and resupply their ship, seem to be making careful recordings and notes…much more so than is customary…or required. Trigger and Emo try to convince them to leave…Emo leaning toward using his famously illegal plasma gun, until Nolan throws a smoke grenade in his quarters and sounds the alarm that the ship has a chemical quarantine needed. This does get everyone off the ship, but also put the port in lockdown and no ships can leave or dock.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Boss Fade and Jan Jansen have gotten Tennor into surgery and are waiting to see if the docs can save him. Boss Fade notices that the nurses seem to be watching one particular person furtively. He does a check and discovers two things. First, several of the staff at the hospital are known associates of Tennor Blackfinch. And second, this suspicious guy is not listed as a member of staff. Boss confronts the guy and he takes a nurse as hostage. Boss is able to subdue him and Jan arrives later to pick up his weapon. Upon searching the surgery and the rooms, they discover that Tennor is no longer in the hospital. Security cameras picked up some movement on the paths out back of the hospital that lead to a large city park. Even though Jan was sure there was nothing suspicious in the surgery they do find a hidden exit leading out back.

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