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Cast of Characters

The Heroes

Boss Fade: Mike Byrd
Emo: Steve Todd
Jan Janson: Ben Hodgson
Nolan Brilliant: Alex McNeal
Trigger: Owen Harrison

Important NPCs

Col. Jaegar: JC701 Commander
Fang: Smuggler Extraordinaire and Owner of Fangtasia
Tennor Blackfinch: Leader of the Orion Pirates
Commander Harkness: Leader of the Keshig Pirates

JC701: Season 4: Fang’s Regret

With Emo and Trigger joining Boss Fade and Jan to search the park for the missing Tennor Blackfinch, it seems like a simple matter to track him down. Not so. These particular heroes are rather unorthodox in their pursuit.

When Tracking Tennor (using Survival) fails, they decide to do a bit of Networking. They canvas the park, talking with visotors to find any information on the missing wounded pirate. Emo and Trigger have no luck at all, but Jan, after promising to make a guest appearance at a woman’s six year old boy’s birthday party in a few months, was able to find a general location. Boss Fade had much better luck and was able to get a detailed description of where to go and that Tennor was in some sort of anti-grav sled and being escorted by some construction workers to a new museum being built in the park, dedicated to the Miners who first settled this area of space and had to fight off Rigelian attacks for years before the war ended the practice just a year ago.

The crew took a cautiuos approach to the museum and after hours of delays, one of the Orion pirates just walked out and invited them in. Inside a secret base underneath the museum, Tennor explained that he has little smuggling operations throughout the system and then, calling Fang into the room, filled them in on what had been happening over the last couple of years.

The Keshig pirates are from systems that are vastly outside of JumpCorp known space. So far, that is should have taken decades, if not, centuries for them to arrive with any numbers in this area. However, nearly a year ago, Fang had auctioned off some alien technology that no one was able to figure out, but as it turned out, the buyers were agents of the Keshig pirates and were able to construct hyper-gates. These gates allowed Commander Harkness and her technologically advanced troops to infiltrate JumpCorp space so quickly that no one was even aware of it.

That is until Fang had a pang of regret, letting Tennor know what he had found…and once the fighting started in the Orion Pirates systems, the word got out that Fang had not sold all the technology, that in fact, he had a master key to the gates that would allow him to use any of them without restriction. He was quickly targeted by the Keshig Pirates.

The crew realised that they now not only needed to get the power armor to JumpCorp R&D but also the hyper-gate master key! They quickly made a plan to infiltrate the port, release the docking clamps on their ship and make a run for the key and then back to JC701. The plan worked pretty well, and once they got back to communications range, they found that the Keshig Pirates had started their attack on JumpCorp systems and Jaeger needed them back at the station ASAP to devise their attack strategy as JumpCorp already had a fleet on the way!

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    • Chaos Steve
    • Posted February 11, 2019 at 1:45 pm
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    Great write up Mike. We’ll be ready to rock and roll…or flee. Whichever is appropriate to the situation.

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