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Written by Grace McNeal

The Lost Worlders started out at Worfs funeral with tears and cries.

Where at that funeral Yoda intruduced them to there replacement, WD-40.

Whom he will help track down Darth Mysteria. After there meeting, James Bonder had found out that Darth had recently visited Sy and Obi-Ones home. Also at the funeral they had found Polo’s relitave. He told them he knew where Sylon Brasier was they decided to meet up in a week to go see him. During that week they decided to head to Sy and Obi-One’s village to see if she’d done anything. When they got there they saw it was still damaged and destroyed. They decided to look around when mercinaries attacked. The mercinaries had also wanted the droid. The Lost worlders defeated them all except the leader who had cowardly ran away.

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