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Tag Archives: XCOM: The Board Game

We tried out XCOM: The Board Game Thursday night. It has the interesting distinction of having an app that controls each game turn. This sounded a little intimidating at first. Especially when the first part of a game turn is timed.

What we found is that the timed events really added an urgency (more like a need) to respond to the event quickly, in real-time, thus forcing split-second decisions that the fate of the world hang upon. While some might not want that much stress in their game playing, I thought it was pretty cool. For those who need it, there is also a “pause” button. But it only pauses for so long.

It helps that each player has a roll: Commander, Chief Scientist, Central Officer, or Squad Leader. Each event targets a specific roll, so everyone does not have to respond to each timed event. This gives the other players a breather…for a few precious seconds.

After the timed events are finished, you go through and resolve the decisions you made. Did you spend too many resources? Did you fail to research some vital technology? Are aliens running amuck in the XCOM base? Let’s hope not.

You lose the game if too many continents go into the panic zone or if you lose the XCOM base. You win the game if you complete the final mission.

We played through the tutorial game pre-programmed into the app. I think it was on “Easy” mode. We did not win. The world was overrun by alien ships and panic reigned supreme.

I for one welcome our new alien overlords.

Chaos Steve