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Crew (PCs)

Pilot: Trigger (Owen – Serran)
Science Officer and Second in Command of JC701: Emo (Steve – Deader)
Medical Officer: Ssanjan “Sam” (Ben – Saurian)
Engineer: Nolan Brilliant (Alex – Human) – Not appearing
New Security Officer: Boss Fayde (Mike B – Human)
Sniper: Zap (Ron – Saurian)
Heavy Hitter: Rico (Jim – Aurax)

Others (NPCs)

Colonel Jaeger (Kalian), Charter Head for Space Station JC701
Tovrin Cable (Human), President of the Omicron Colonies
Dr. Steven Ward (Human), JC701 Chief Medical Officer
Zhi Fang (Tazanian), Head of JC701 Merchants Association, Owner of Fangtasia
Dominic Newland (Serran), Prophet of the Techno-God
Martain Capella (Rigellian), Ambassador of the Rigellian Empire
Tennor Blackfinch (Saurian), Oneiades Pirate and Spaceport Owner

The station has been very active since the discovery of the treachery on Eden. Col. Jaeger calls them all in for a debriefing of the events on Eden. Patch is there to give the briefing, but it is mostly inaccurate. She is left to think that Patch must have suffered some brain damage during the events.

After his description, The Holy Binary is brought in to the briefing room. “Holy Binary, your assistance was very helpful in the last mission. I hear you have something new for us?”

“The HUB is disturbed by the actions of the Rigellians against us. In order to support JumpCorp in protecting the innocent Pilgrims, I am happy to share these improved, more reliable cybertech modules.”

He hands out more advanced tech. Boss Fayde and Sam took the Skill Upgrade tech, Rico and Trigger took the Autodoc tech, Emo took the Attribute Upgrade tech and Zap took the Combat Edge tech.

“Thank you, Holy Binary, as always I’ll see you in church on Sunday.” Jaeger says and shows him out.

Just then, Dr. Ward comes in with the Rigellian Ambassador. Although it’s hard to tell, the ambassador has clearly been attacked and suffered several grievous wounds. Dr. Ward says his patient insisted on seeing the Col. Immediately. The ambassador describes how he has been receiving death threats, how Pilgrims have been picketing his quarters and finally this morning he was attacked by masked humans. He could not tell if they were Pilgrims or not.

In addition, the Rigellian Alliance, the de facto government that is attempting to make peace with its neighbors and which he is a representative, has risked their political futures by warning them about the Eden trap. The Alliance is concerned that the Rigellian Cooperative, a powerful organization of slavers, are growing stronger due to attacks from the miners and now some of the Pilgrims have been attacking into Rigellian territory as well.

Col. Jaeger immediately calls for a lockdown on the station. No ships in or out until the assailants are identified and captured. In addition, she assigns Emo to make sure the ambassador is protected. The ambassador states that he is afraid for his life and more, that the sacrifices his government made to save the Pilgrims will cause a civil war, forcing Rigellians to choose between the Cooperative and the Alliance.

After the meeting, Boss Fayde runs an investigation to see if he can identify the assailant. Sam goes to Fangtasia to drink and work the crowd for any clues, and Emo assigns Trigger, Zap and Rico to security on the Ambassador.

Allison von Stellar meets Sam at Fangtasia and tells him she has heard of his reputation for doing his own thing and not being a JumpCorp company man. She tells him that her father is demanding that she return home. But she wants to stay in this sector with the HUB. She feels that her calling is to help usher in the One and she along with the other Pilgrims think that will happen here. She needs to get off station before her father’s handpicked JumpCorp crew can capture her and forcibly return her to him. But with the lockdown on station she needs help getting away. She asks him to not let anybody else know.

Separately, Ambassador Capella asks Emo to get him past the lockdown because he does not feel safe on the station. He wants to go to one of the moons just inside the Rigellian space where the Alliance has a base where he will be safe until the situation on JC-701 is settled. He asks that they not let anybody else know.

Unfortunately for Sam, he ran into trouble sneaking Allison off the station. Boss Fayde spots him sabotaging the systems to get her off the station and promptly arrests him, but too late to stop her escape.

Col. Jaeger calls them in for a briefing. When they enter her office, JumpCorp CEO Hans von Steller is on the screen. He is playing a transmission he received.

“Mr. von Steller, my name is Ankhar Shtang, and I am the head of the Rigellian Cooperative. I do not recognize your treaty with the Rigellian Alliance and I can assure you, your people in this sector will be working for me. I will not rest until the human scum are all subject to my whip! Anyone, be it humanoid or Rigellian, like that Ambassador, that tries to stand in my way will be destroyed. And understand, I will take great pleasure in recapturing your daughter and showing you just what these claws can do!”

The transmission ends, and van Steller looks at Jaeger, “Col. Jaeger, let me make myself very clear. Find my daughter and return her to me. I want that Rigellian scum of an ambassador in your brig. We are about to embark on an all-out war with the Rigellians!”

“Sir we have no reason to attack all Rigellians. The ambassador and his government…”

“ARE USELESS!” von Steller interrupts.

Just then, an urgent message comes in from Tennor Blackfinch stating that he is under attack by Rigellian’s just inside the Rigellian border. He fears for the safety of his passengers. “What passengers, Jaeger shouts.”

“Why the ambassador and Allison von Steller,” he replies just as the transmission is abruptly ended.

Jaeger sends the crew (even the prisoner Sam) to rescue them in the JCS Opportunity. When they arrive, three of Tennor’s ships are being attacked by three Rigellian ships. Tennor’s ship is being boarded. The crew take a shuttle over to Tennor’s ship to help.

The crew does not attempt to contact Tennor so when they attempt to enter the ship, they have to hack the doors to get in. Also, Tennor is not expecting them, so no one gives them an operational update. Trigger stays on Opportunity to keep the other Rigellian ships occupied and even manages to destroy one of them.

The crew on Tennor’s ship narrowly miss recapturing Allison and the ambassador as the Rigellian ship escapes to a nearby moon. The crew return to Opportunity to chase them down.

After landing they enter a subterranean chamber that Rico recollects looks a lot like the chamber below the temple on Eden. This appears to be a standard design of Rigellian buildings.

They fight their way to the chamber where the Ankhar is attempting a negotiation with Hans von Stellar. Meanwhile he has a large contingent of Bone spiders and Rigellians waiting for the Opportunity crew. After showing his seemingly in depth knowledge of the goings on of JC701, the crew manages to wound him and kill his bodyguards. He attempts to kill Allison before escaping but the ambassador sacrifices himself to block the blow (and luckily does not get killed). Ankhar escapes but Allison and the ambassador are saved.

The crew is now writing status reports back to Col. Jaeger where she will determine the consequences of Sam and Emo’s actions.


    • Chaos Steve
    • Posted May 9, 2017 at 10:03 am
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    From Emo:

    Report submitted to Col. Jaeger by second-in-command Emo

    It is with great humility that I relate to you my involvement in the saving of the lives of both the Rigellian ambassador and the CEOs daughter noting that the part I played in the fortuitous outcome of events that brought us back from the brink of war with the Rigellians. It is by the ambassador’s own admission that he approached me seeking my aid in saving his life. Noting my duty to jump corps over any personal consequences to my own life or career, I accepted.

    Through careful planning the ambassador and the CEO’s daughter ended up on the same ship. Even though I had no part in the CEO’s daughter’s presence on the ship, events would show that this was most fortunate. Especially the well-televised saving of the CEO’s daughter by the ambassador. It should be noted the ambassador’s bravery and his commitment to a lasting peace in possibly sacrificing his own life for that of a human. Ultimately this saved the life of the CEO’s daughter, and helped advert the all-out war declared by our illustrious CEO.

    While I admit to not following orders to the letter, I do believe I followed orders in spirit by retuning both the ambassador and the CEOs daughter home alive and safe to JC701.
    I of course will submit to any punishment deemed necessary by your wisdom in this matter.

    • Evil Mike
    • Posted May 14, 2017 at 10:05 am
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    So far, only Emo’s report to go by…looking like he might be exonerated without any other reports. Too bad for Sam, though…

    • Mike Byrd
    • Posted May 16, 2017 at 11:05 am
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    Weekly action report to Charter Head Col Jaeger

    Security Officer Boss Fayde reporting

    After the assault on Rigellian Ambassador Capella (and the subsequent lockdown), the team I was assigned to went into action. I think I may be the first to say that I am not surprised that I am the third Security Officer for this team, especially after the following events:
    During my investigation, I found surveillance evidence that shows Ssanjan (or Sam here after) blatantly breaking lockdown and disobeying orders to bring in Allison, the daughter of CEO Hans Von Steller. His actions lead to her being handed over to Pirates. We later found that the Rigellian Ambassador was also handed over to Pirates by none other than our team lead, Emo.

    The pirates came under attack by the Rigellian Cooperative. Thanks to the exceptional flying of our pilot Trigger we were able to dock with the pirate ship and attempt a rescue. Due to his flying, he was also able to destroy at least one of the Rigellian ships. Thankfully Trigger was also able to track the escaping ship to a nearby moon. As we landed Trigger had the forethought to destroy the ship we tracked as he landed. Thus, hopefully cutting off any further escape.

    At this time, I would also like to point out that our team lead Emo also continued to allow my prisoner, Sam, out and equipped. I would only allow him a pistol and his prison orange.

    Ankhar escaped and Allison and the Rigellian Ambassador have been brought back to JCS Opportunity.

    The following is my summary and recommendation for those involved with the above action report:

    1. Dr. Ssanjan “Sam”
    a. 1 count of breaking lockdown (video evidence attached)
    b. 2 counts of disobeying direct orders (breaking lockdown and for not bringing in Allison)
    c. 1 count of colluding with Pirates (video evidence that Tennor Blackfinch has them on his ship and they are in danger)
    d. 1 count of reckless negligence (see video evidence from Tennor Blackfinch)
    Recommendation: Stripped of his license to practice medicine and prison

    2. Science Officer Emo
    a. 1 count of breaking lockdown (withness testimony from the Rigellian Ambassador)
    b. 2 counts of disobeying direct orders (breaking lockdown and for not bring up the concerns of the Amassador)
    c. 1 count of colluding with Pirates (video evidence that Tennor Blackfinch has them on his ship and they are in danger)
    d. 1 count of reckless negligence (see video evidence from Tennor Blackfinch)
    Recommendation: Barred from the scientific community and prison

    3. Pilot Trigger
    a. Exceptional flying in a combat situation
    b. Clear headed thinking when he destroyed the ship we followed to close off escape
    Recommendation: A medal for distinguished service

    4. Zap
    a. Zap was a great help in the rescue attempt on the ship and the rescue on the moon
    Recommendation: Commendation in his record

    5. Rico
    a. Rico also was an exceptional help during both rescue attempts
    Recommendation: Commendation in his record

    6. Security Officer Boss Fayde
    a. Boss Fayde was also a great help during both rescue attempts
    Recommendation: Commendation in his record

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